SEO in 2014

In recent months it has become more and more apparent the effects Google Hummingbird has had in the SEO space. Many companies approach us virtually every day asking what we can do for them in regards to SEO. The answer, however, can be a tough pill to swallow, especially to those who have been paying monthly for SEO services. It is important at this point to note, we are not stating that SEO companies are no longer relevant. We are, however stating a lot of the heavy lifting can be done at the company level and save upwards of several thousands of dollars every month.

There is no magic bullet

Sure when Google first started out, its algorithms were simple, but when the internet grew Google had to ensure it stayed a step ahead of the game. In order to achieve this, they are constantly changing what they look for when it comes to content. Late last year, sometime in late August, Google quietly released Hummingbird into the world, which slowly made its way from website to website making old SEO strategies obsolete.

Conversational Speech is what Google is looking for to be exact. This means that the days of packing as many keywords as you can into an article are over. Google is instead looking for relevant content that does not abuse keywords and styles. They are also looking for other spammy means of “reaching the top.” Google is actually penalizing for the use of link networks and other quick ways to the top.

What Can You Do

While Commit Marketing offers SEO as a service, we offer it as more of an education. In fact, the truth is SEO is something that you can control. If your website is developed correctly with all the proper industry standards, all it takes is posting content. Many companies take to Facebook frequently and post information and updates about their company. Instead of only posting to Facebook, create a blog on your website and stay on top of content. The more “conversational” content on your site, the better.

What Commit Marketing Can Do For You

We have staff on hand for copywriting relevant content for your company as well as a knowledgable staff on how this stuff works. We can help make suggestions or take control of all aspects for you. Getting the appropriate tools incorporated into your site and giving you guidance along the way.

For more information check out Smashing Magazine’s article written in December of 2013.

Now that you are ready to get started, make sure you are doing everything you can to integrate with Google’s webmaster tools. You can read about it in far greater detail right on Google’s page titled “Best Practices to Help Google Find, Crawl, and Index Your Website”.