Press: SRQ Magazine Feature Branding

Since our launch in Sarasota we heard from Phillip Lederer and SRQ magazine. His recent move from Kentucky led him to Sarasota where we were fortunate to collaborate with him on one of his first stories.


The interview was set in beautiful downtown Sarasota inside SRQ Magazine headquarters. Just a block from Main Street nestled close to Burns Court we discussed how branding continues to impact the design and marketing industry and the role it plays at Commit Marketing. Branding like most facets of our business is all about relationships. In order to develop or build a brand the proper time is needed to truly understand the goals and the market that is unique to that business and its industry. Collectively, we take pride as a company spending time with our clients and learning as much as we can.


Throughout my career i’ve had the opportunity to develop and re-define brands in an array of industries. What i’ve found is that there is never a single way to approach the challenge of branding or a solution. Every business we work with is in a different situation or stage in their brand efforts making every project unique and in need of special attention. That being said, I truly enjoy using my creativity each and everyday day and am glad this is where my efforts have led me.

The article that was featured in the  2014 July issue of SRQ Magazine featured creative professionals in and around Sarasota.

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