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No matter your industry, the importance of capturing leads and converting them will always be a topic of discussion. The team at Commit Marketing looks to share this robust and ever-growing application that streamlines lead capture with strategic target-marketingĀ opportunities.

Revolutionizing Interactive Marketing and Lead Capture

LeadCapp is robust and ever-growing application that combines lead capture with strategic, custom branded micro-targeted opportunities. Customized to your business and goals you can now build a proper marketing list and deliver relevant content specifically to those who are most likely to respond.

In just a three step process you can gather the details from a recent business meeting or casual discussion, send an instant recap of the meeting and build a lead list that you can easily segment and key into your leads with a tangible message. The app allows for a person to carry their phone, any tablet, or be at any computer to use LeadCapp.

As soon as submit is pressed, the lead immediately gets an email with a recap of the conversation they just had, as well as, a photo and the contact information of the person that they just spoke with. A dedicated admin (or person managing the CRM tool) then gets an email with that information so it can be input. We also store the database for things such as targeted email marketing (for example you only want to email those interested in family themed events).