Law Firm Websites in 2015

Like most professional industries, Law Firms share the need to capture leads and market themselves properly online. A business website, especially a professional legal or law firm website is one of the most important pieces to a successful online presence and success. Today, with ever-growing accessibility to the web, browsing on a mobile device is not only accepted but is often the way your market views your legal website. We’ve put together some key points when reviewing and offering support to update law firm and legal websites.


Mobile / Responsive Law Firm Websites

Mobile First as some refer as presenting a professional mobile website as a priority when looking at updating a website. In most situations a responsive design and development is the best solution for most law firms and legal websites. Designing and developing with a responsive structure allows for the website to adjust and display the best viewing experience no matter if the website is viewed on a desktop, laptop or mobile device.


Deliver A Clear Message

Leaving your website visitors with questions will send them back to their search for legal counseling. Understanding your main objective and properly explaining what you do and how your firm can help those searching for support is key to the success of your website. Organizing your content with thoughtful hiearchy will serve you well displaying descriptive text and calls to action throughout the users experience.



So what’s your story? Presenting how your firm was created or the support you bring to challenging times is key, but ultimately people want to work with people. Showing your firms personality in ways like including hobbies or did you know facts about your legal team can help deliver a more personal, people helping people approach.


Call To Action

Why do you need a website? Every law firm needs to have a clear direction to what role their website plays in their business growth and success. Securing the attention of potential clients browsing your website can be challenging without a clear call to action. Give your target market and those on your website right now a clear path to contact you or to learn how your law firm can help.


A Law Firm Blog

Taking the time to craft unique and useful content to those interested in your law firm or area of practice has many benefits. Well the obvious reason is for SEO. Search engine optimization now more than ever is based on the amount of relative conversational text that is placed throughout your website. Littering your website mindlessly with keywords isn’t helping you anymore and actually it is hurting you in a major way. A blog opens the door to include those ever so important keywords in your website in a way that google and other search engines support and appreciate. Delivering real, useful content to those taking the time to search for it is the goal of Google so it’s time to take note and clean up your website.


Do you believe you can improve your law firm website? How much does it cost to redesign a law firm website? We encourage you to set aside some time to speak with us about your website and learn how our team can work with you to improve your website that supports your search engine strategy. Contact us below to set up a time to review your website and receive our professional recommendations and a proposal for your upcoming project.