HR For Business

Client Overview

ConsultStu LLC – HR for Business provides fractional HR support to businesses that either do not need a full time human resources professional, or choose to purchase specific technical skills when needed. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, ConsultStu designs unique solutions to match a business’s needs, strategy and budget.

Reinforcing a brand.

The goal was to deliver a fluid online and mobile experience that highlighted all communication efforts. With their brand in place we created a strategy that integrated a new website, direct mail, social media strategy and custom graphics. The new website included a revised and tested user workflow, clean and modern design that was built for scalability and easy content editing.

User Experience Design

When tackling the UX design for this project, we had to take a step back and truly understand every aspect of the industry. With there nothing really out there in regards to “industry standards” we had to ensure we created a familiar, but unique workflow. Collectively, we opted to use a traditional type navigation, but utilized larger calls to action throughout the site.

Further, I had to re-iterate the client’s message and explain why a business may need his services. We accomplished this by incorporating detailed headers and a description at the bottom of every page.

UI Design

It was important that our team created a beautiful, yet easy to use design. We used colors and typography to ensure the users understand where they stand and where they need to go to provide them with a proper workflow.

We took a unique approach to the header on the inside pages, as websites have become stale with big images and text on those images. Designers and developers worked together to be sure hover states were just as beautiful and meaningful as an elements normal state.