Coworking Space

As technology continues to change the way we work and interact with others so is the way some business owners choose to set up their work environment. Coworking or shared space is a relatively new concept that continues to develop in cities across the country. In cities like New York and Chicago, entrepreneurs and business owners are seeking options and reasonable priced office space that offers much more than a desk.

Those especially looking to grow a start-up and have a place to get some work done on your own time with a change of scenery benefit in these spaces. Co-working are showing up in many cities and it is responce to the growing number of entrepreneurs and business owners embracing the flexibility to work almost anywhere. Now let’s understand that this idea and working environment does not work for everyone. Coworking opens the door to interact with a variety of business owners in a setting that encourages collaboration and networking.




Freedom and Delicious Coffee
Co-working allows for you to come and go as you please and in some cases are open 24-7 with private access. There will be a place for you to settle in and get some work done based around your unique schedule and not to mention fresh brewed coffee.


Collaborative Opportunities
Shared office space is a great way to network and open the door to collaborating with others. Your day to day will be a bit different  Projects and ideas are often discussed in this setting allowing for an abundance of opportunites to flex your muscle and apply your expertise.


Events and Fun
Working is fun and so is taking some time to relax and hang out. Co-Working spaces usually have events that promote collaboration. You may find dart boards, ping pong tables and maybe a bean bag chair here or there.


Challenges (for some)


Truly understanding that you are sharing space and that your day to day may vary a bit can be slightly challenging for some. Depending on the terms and the specs of the office the people to interact with and your exact working area may change from time to time.


Landline Phones
If you require a landline phone to conduct business be sure to inquire and see if they are available as in some cases they are not available in some shared spaces.


Noise Levels
Sometimes the amount of “collaboration” may rise from time to time. If you seek a space that allows for quiet time on your unique terms or the ability to jam out without headphones a dedicated office may be your best option.